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Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 1: Recap

Yas. Yaas. YAAAS. The moment we've waited for painstakingly ten and a half long months has arrived! Game of Thrones is back and I can only hope that all the insane cliffhangers the showrunners ditched us with in the finale episode be finally resolved VERY soon.

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I am all the more excited about season 6 since this is the first time the show has outstripped and undertaken a separate path from its book. The novel geeks can finally just calm their pants down and not threaten others with spoilers on public forums!

Let’s dive into what happens on season 6 premiere of Game of Thrones!

Castle Black

The show begins with panning Castle Black and stopping at the body of our brooding and "prettier than most of the girls" hero, Lord Snow, lying in his puddle of blood.

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Will he survive? Will he not? That’s the question that haunted every fan after the ultimate scene of witnessing Lord Commander Jon Snow get betrayed and butchered by his own comrades. They carve out and chant "Traitor” with every stab just incase he fails to understand the reason of mutiny.

The first to spot his body is Ser Davos Seaworth, who wakes up to  the doleful howling of Ghost. He takes Snow into hiding along with other (see: in negligible number) Night’s Watch bros.

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They are totally pissed at the treachery and in complete mood for revenge (who isn’t in this show?). After some discussions and a harsh reality check, they contemplate on getting the wildings’ support to fight back Thorne (who is one hell of a persuader, BTW). From the trailer, it doesn’t look they’ll receive anything substantial.

The makers will OBVIOUSLY not give out Snow’s fate this early. We’ll just have to wait a couple more episodes to see any gleam of his future. We know he’ll eventually come around, though.

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The biggest applause belonged to Theon/Reek last season for finally manning up (err) and rescuing Sansa from Ramsay. He kills Myranda and they jump down the blacony into snow. 

This episode tropes out the aftermath, which is them on a run from Ramsay's men and his growling hounds. They also share an endearing hug when Sansa seems to be flailing.

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A mind-blowing scene unfolds moments later, in which Brienne makes an entry with Pod; killing the bad dudes when they're SO close to capturing Sansa and Reek/Theon and finally re-pledging her oath to the eldest Stark daughter. 

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While these awesome action scenes were transpiring, just a few miles away Ramsay was kinda-sorta mourning over the death of his friend with benefits, Myranda. But he snaps out of it soon by ordering what he does the best, for her body to be fed to the hounds. 

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His mood isn't too improved when Roose Bolton, a.k.a father of the year, threatens to revoke his surname if he doesn't find Sansa and produce a heir with her.


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I honestly don’t know where this plot is going. They were an embarrassment last year (“You want a good girl, but a bad pussy” still makes me cringe), and while they came out much stronger in this episode, I don’t know how far regicide will take them.

Daenarys Targarean

Pushed to where she started from, Dany is held captive by the Dothrakis. They were going to present her as a gift to their Khal, who first tries to rape her, but backs off learning she’s Khal Drogo’s widow.

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However all’s not really well for Daenarys yet who, while attempting to strike a deal with them to send her back to Meeren in return of horses, learns that the Dothraki tradition decrees widows to spend their lives in the sacred city of Vaes Dothrak.

Also, Jorah and Daario sorta figure out where their queen is (remember the ring she drops?).


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One plot line I am absolutely thrilled about is Arya Stark! Blind and weak, she is undergoing some weird training which entails her to sit like a beggar and get randomly beaten by that pale and sickly thin chic under H’ghar.

King’s Landing

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I feel REALLY bad for Cersie and Jamie at the moment. Sure they did some really shitty stuff (incest, pushing a boy, regicide…), but the great actors Lena Headey and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau are, you can’t help but feel sad for the despondent parents coming to an epiphany that they’re all they have for each other now.
Also, old Jamie is probably back as he is making a full-swing revenge plan with his sister/lover to get "thousands times more" than what they lost.

Margaery, on the other hand, is resilient as ever. She is extremely concerned about her brother, but is given no update on his well-being till she confesses her crimes, which she isn't in for atleast now.


My favorite duo of the series: Tyrion and Varys! Love their banter and ripostes! Tyrion as a makeshift ruler isn’t exactly in control of the situation and his only hope are Vary’s “birds”, which have apparently already flown to know who the orchestrator of the Sons of Harpy is. 

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 Also, Tyrion stumbles upon another one of those lord of light's missionaries and I am sure this faith will play a vital twist during his ruling in Meeren.

Bran and Gendry

Still no sign of them. We atleast saw Bran in the trailer and know he holds a key role this season, but what about Gendry? Did the makers completely forget him?

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The Red Woman

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This episode was titled "The Red Woman" and omgosh rightly so! The last scene takes us into Melisandre's chamber, where she seems to be tired of the recent events. Whilst doing so, she slithers out of her robe and the trademark ruby necklace and BOOM: morphs in to a saggy old woman! This is probably shown to signify how weary she's growing of her lord of light's prophecy after Jon Snow's "death", but whatever it is, it surely dropped some jaws!

Favorite Moments

  • Brienne taking a pledge to protect Sansa and Pod helping the latter to finish her oath
  • "It's good you're not a boy anymore. Because you have no cock." Tyrion to Varys
  • "She thinks you want to eat her baby." Varys, when Tyrion tries speaking Valyrian
  • Cersie reflecting on her daughter and how something so "pure" came from her
  • When that random Khal figuratively states how a naked woman is the best thing in the world, but his tribe members casually contradict him. 
  • Old Jamie is back!

Final thoughts: All in all, a solid premiere! I am still not fond of the Sand Snakes, but it will be interesting to see what they will do now. A lot of fans are disappointed that the fate of Snow is still not really revealed, but I honestly didn't expect it to be out in the very first episode. I just hope they don't stretch out this suspense for too long though.

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